Generally speaking, the actuarial risk is that a person at the end of which a benefit is to be paid is shorter than expected. From the point of view of an insurer, it is the risk that the mortality experience observed in an underlying portfolio will differ from what was previously calculated on the basis of actuarial assumptions. the annual budget for significant damages assessed from the estimated losses modelled for the natural risk company, as well as for net losses of human origin of more than 10 million euros. valuation of financial instruments to take into account current market value or fair value. Losses that, as a result of the amount in question, are of particular importance to the direct insurer or reinsurer; it is defined as a larger loss on the basis of a fixed loss amount or other criteria (more than EUR 10 million gross for Hanover). . accounting for technical foreign currency commitments by appropriate investments in the same currency in order to avoid foreign exchange risks. type of reinsurance contract by which the receiving company retains assets relating to all reinsured and fixed policies and retains total reserves for policies, creating a payment obligation to the reinsurer at a later date. These payments include a proportionate share of the gross premium plus a return on wealth.