The access point remains the same; Users can access the website on any mobile computer or tablet. The site now incorporates the Sikorsky360TM content library and the former customer portal. Users can access technical content, posts and notifications, view subscription-based services, order parts, make claims, check inventory, request an offer, and view historical data in one place. Customers can also use the website to report an aircraft event on the ground, request electronic notifications to view shipments, and quickly search for parts. «More than 2,500 customers use our customer portal every day,» says Dana Fiatarone, VP for Sikorsky`s commercial systems and services. In an ongoing effort to improve our customer service, we have improved the Sikorsky360TM website, allowing for a more user-friendly experience and better communication with customers. Sikorsky has a new customer portal, the manufacturer said. It is launching a next-generation customer portal that, according to Sikorsky, offers an improved and more direct website to meet customer maintenance needs and issues. In the absence of an order, please indicate who is ordering the product or service that is in contact with you regarding the delivery. Below are the latest versions of the documents used in Polskie Zak`ady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o. w Mielcu. These documents are also mentioned in our application, orders and sales contracts.

For more information, see the attached presentation. LM Supplier Code of Conduct, expresses our expectations of our suppliers and reflects the standards we set for our own employees, the Board of Directors and other business partners. Polskie Zak`ady Lotnicze Sp. sp. zo.o. customers need safe, high-quality products and services, which means a decisive and continuous improvement in the quality management system. Therefore, such a quality assurance system is required of suppliers who meet certain quality requirements. The versatility of manufactured products, which require the application of sophisticated manufacturing processes and responsibility for manufactured products, requires the qualification, monitoring and verification of suppliers by Polskie Zak`ady Lotnicze Sp. zo.o. Possession of a certificate in accordance with the quality management system does not automatically issue Polskie Zak`ady Lotnicze Sp.

zo.o. authorization as an approved supplier, but it does affect that authorization. Polskie Zak`ady Lotnicze Sp. z.o. evaluates and selects suppliers on the basis of their competencies to meet quality requirements, but the extent and type of control of suppliers depends on the influence of the products and/or services provided on the (execution) of the production and a finished product. You can find our requirements in the file below. Please read the document and strict compliance. FOD is any type of contamination or risk of product safety caused by a foreign object.